Learn how CloudLift Enterprise from OnLive can securely deploy your latency-sensitive CPU or Graphics Intensive Applications (GIAs), to any tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac, anywhere over real networks in only four weeks.

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About CloudLift Enterprise

CloudLift Enterprise addresses one of the biggest IT challenges faced by businesses and government sectors: How to deploy compute intensive and Graphics Intensive Applications (GIAs) to a broad spectrum of devices, regardless of OS, processing power or location, in a way that is cost-effective and secure.

This ground-breaking Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution from OnLive is based on four years of uninterrupted service and more than 100 granted patents. Using CloudLift Enterprise, businesses can deploy the most complex, latency-sensitive, compute-intensive applications and GIAs to mobile or office-based workforces in just four weeks. This is achieved using OnLive's class-leading streaming technology and cloud-based servers, so the user experiences a high definition ‘Feels Like Local’ level of interaction over open networks, regardless of the device or location.

Security risks are virtually non-existent because no trace of sensitive data is left on the client device and no application code ever leaves the data center. CloudLift Enterprise provides 100% protection against software piracy that costs industries over 63 billion dollars every year, while end-user support is massively simplified and centralized.

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The technology behind CloudLift Enterprise evolved to service a sector driven by demand for increased processing power, speed, and platform agnostic convenience: media-rich video gaming.

OnLive was the first company to deploy a publicly available cloud gaming solution over the open Internet. Using pioneering video compression technology, OnLive harnesses cloud computing to instantly deliver ‘Feels Like Local’ twitch-response, media-rich applications anytime and anywhere, across a range of devices.

The CloudLift Enterprise PaaS derives its strength, resilience and flexibility from this dynamic proving ground. Now, your business can tailor and harness the power of this patented technology across everyday and mission-critical applications.

Your business’ data and applications remain secure in the cloud and stream a ‘Feels Like Local’ two-way interaction to a thin client on remote devices. Aside from a small footprint application, none of your data or code is downloaded to the remote device, keeping your data and assets secure.

Because the local device is only running encrypted video, even spyware on employees' devices is no longer a concern for IT departments. Support and access management also become vastly simplified.

CloudLift Enterprise runs on standard data center hardware. Your application can be hosted on the network or data center of your choice, or using OnLive’s security audited data centers.

CloudLift Enterprise enabled apps can be delivered over the open Internet without worrying about the quality of the end user experience. OnLive’s platform monitors network conditions in real time, including latency and packet loss, automatically adapting the pixel stream to provide an ultra-low latency, high-resolution experience to users over unmanaged real world networks.

OnLive has maintained its ‘zero downtime’ network operation since launch in 2010. From 2012, the company began driving a geographic expansion, leveraging improving user connection speeds from 4G rollout and the expansion of fiber connections. The company remains at the forefront of streaming cloud computing and is widely acknowledged for its network quality.

BYOD has operational advantages for employees and businesses, although the inherent challenges of compatibility, security and support can be seen as a roadblock to its growing popularity in established sectors.

CloudLift Enterprise directly addresses these challenges. Users on their own iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook, smartphone, low-powered PC or Mac, can run your most CPU or GPU-intensive applications, leveraging the vast computational and storage power of the cloud. Hedge fund managers can access complex option pricing tools during their commute. Field technicians can work with CAD software that was previously limited to the office. Your business or department can take full advantage of BYOD benefits, whilst actively protecting corporate assets.